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The Beginning

The history of Mas Body Gym is one filled with drive, passion and support…

In the early days of Mas, having his own fully equipped gym was nothing short of a distant dream, but one that was always the final piece to the empire, Mike father of two owner of Mas Body Gym, had always had a dream of creating a gym where everyone could come, so since the age of 23 he would travel to gyms not only in the UK but even worldwide. When he and his family would go on holidays instead of looking where the cheapest bar was or the best restaurant Mike would research the location of gyms, sometimes walking up to 2 hrs to experience the facilities they had to offer, along with his protein shake Mike would also take his note book where he would write down all the good and bad qualities of each gym. This entire journey had a meaning…

The Vision

The one gym Mike always aspired to train in was the “World Famous GOLDS GYM”.  In 2012 he and his family were lucky enough to travel to Florida, this is where he got the chance, along with his wife to train in the gym he had always dreamt of visiting, ‘Gold’s Gym’ was more than he expected, so with this Mike noted everything, from the way the staff would present them self to the amazing atmosphere inside the gym. This is where he would create his UK version…

Taking the risk

In Oct 2013 Mike took the risk of quitting his full time job where he worked as a joiner for roughly 10 years, to concentrate on the Mas Clothing Brand full time.  All that night he sat awake worrying if he had just walked away from the financial stability to support his family, he never slept a wink… at 6am he got showered and ready for work at the Mas body shop, but at 6.30am he received an unexpected phone call from the landlord of an Industrial Unit that was unused on the estate where his shop was located.  They asked Mike if they could speak with him at 9am, they met up and this is where mike was offered the unused derelict unit as the proposed tenants had backed out, unsure of his actions at this point Mike called the one man he knew he could trust, to give him an honest answer if he thought it could be done, Richard Hind… Mikes father, this was the man who had helped Mike transform an old car garage into a Retail shop in 2012 that is now Mas Body Development.  It took Mike and his father only 10 minutes to reply to the landlord with these words ‘’It’s probably a year to early but this is my chance’’ So with this result Mike went ahead and paid the deposit and from that day the transformation began.

The Transformation

What at first sight looked to be a steel building filled floor to ceiling with scrap metal and rubble, in the eyes of Mike and Richard was the final piece of the jigsaw. So the work began they started the 20 hour working days together clearing the scrap and rubble, built the rooms, and everything else followed, Mike then begin to search for the equipment to fill this unit just as he had dreamt, he eventually found the machines and equipment he needed, so along with 3 friends they drove 3 vans for 6 hours to London to collect the first lot of equipment. Slowly but surely the old building was beginning to look like Mikes dream, each part he was referring to his note book that had been with him over the years full of inspiration.

Now became the biggest hurdle of all. Mike needed planning approval to change the gym from a industrial unit into a leisure unit, this seemed to be a huge spanner in the dream, he had already transformed the building and bought the equipment so Mike appointed a local architect  to assist him and the application was made, and was left to the planning department for approval, a local Councillor had being following the progress of this amazing development so she invited Mike along to a meeting with the board of Councillors to get everyone behind Mas Body Gym. Mike was asked questions to which he answered with pride, passion and honesty, after the 30 minutes in the meeting the 11 Councillors stood up and applauded Mike. The response was; ‘’ This area needs someone like you, we will support you and give you our backing.’’

3 months later the approval was granted and the gym opened its doors to the general public, all the work Mike and his father, along with a handful of his genuine friends could now be shared with the world….

Since that day nothing has stood still, the team at Mas are constantly improving and adding to the gym and will continue to do so.

This dream could not have been a reality without the vision of one man, but the work of two, Mike and his father have shown with great passion and hours of hard work, that if you have a dream and work as a team what can look like the impossible can become reality.  So this story is also a testimonial to Mike and his father Mr. Richard Hind.

Mas Legend Richard Hind (Team Mas thanks you Dad.. We could not have done this without you love Mike and Team Mas xxx)

The Future

Along with Team Mas, Mike dreams of having a host of gym’s nationwide. Each one ran the way only Mas can be. With support, commitment, teamwork, determination, and pure ambition and dream![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”38021″ img_size=”full” title=”The Beginning 2013″][vc_single_image image=”38023″ img_size=”full” title=”Now 2016″][/vc_column][/vc_row]