Mike has been shortlisted by The National Fitness Awards to retain his title of ‘U.K’s Best Personal Trainer’ for the third year running. The winner will be announced November 29th at The Prestigious National Fitness Awards in Leicester. This year sees a really difficult lineup.

Having won the ‘Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year’ twice Mike is the only personal trainer who has retained the title over consecutive years (2017 and 2018). This award acknowledged the importance of Mike’s role as a personal trainer within his own gym and for the fitness industry as a whole.

After winning 2017 personal trainer of the year, Mike could easily have assumed he had done it all and cruised along enjoying his award winning status but far from it. He used that moment as a spring board and achieved amazing results this year and set the bar for his industry peers.

National Fitness Awards judges

The judges looked for a person who has shown incredible enthusiasm and determination in identifying the training and development needs of the individual gym members. Annually Mike has worked with some extreme cases and managed to help people save their life and change their life. Mike has no desire to let this title go and will continue to develop his skills for the benefit of his clients.

His outstanding achievement this year has to be his unique and innovative approach to working with clients, resulting in him justifiably attracting considerable international media acclaim.

National Fitness Awards judges