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Diet and nutrition is one of the most important elements of your fitness journey. That’s why here at MAS Gym we have Mike Hind, a fully qualified nutritionist on site every day.

Mike has his own website (www.mikehindfitness.co.uk) specifically for diet plans and personal training packages. With so much conflicting information out there, it is easy to become confused about healthy eating. It is our job to make is simple for you. Mike and Jennylee Hind designed and developed a formula like no other which is solely exclusive to Mike Hind Fitness and Mas Body Gym, and will not be found anywhere else.

The formula is not a generic diet, it is one that is tailored to YOU. Whatever your goals are, whatever your body needs. It will not be that of a supplement or a ‘fad’ diet, or even a magic pill! You will be eating real meals, real food, just portioned and time controlled.

The concept has seen many great results, including those of celebrities, professional athletes such as bodybuilders, boxers and strongmen including Mas members and the general public.

Mas has 3 onsite personal trainers as well as 3 gym instructors who are all educated in giving you supplement advice, not a sales pitch! We only recommended what you need.

For more information on tailored diet plans CLICK HERE

To book a consultation, or if you have any questions pick up the phone or enquire within.

Tel.01642 913800

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