Cardio Suite

Cardio keeps your heart and lungs healthy, strengthens bones and aids in fat burning, making it a key part of any workout. At Mas we have a state of the art cardio suite with various cardio machines, including MATRIX cross-trainers, treadmills, a stairmaster, stationary bikes and spinning bikes, we also have an incline treadmill. This goes up to an incline of level 30, the perfect way to get your heart pumping! Not to mention the ultimate piece of kit the HITMILL X! This is a state of the art treadmill, unlike a standard treadmill, this machine is a self-powered speed and strength training tool designed to build explosive power!
dumbells c

Free Weights

Weight training is important for balance, co-ordination and strength. Here at Mas we take pride in making sure we have up to date equipment that is kept in good condition. Build a stronger body with our selection of weights, including Hammer Strength dumbbells and barbells.

Fixed Strength Machines

Target all areas for a full body workout with our weight machines. These guide your movements safely as you build muscle strength or size, making them the perfect companion to your fitness routine. We like to make sure we have the best and most up to date machines, with names such as Cybex, Nautilus and Hammer Strength. We take pride in making sure our equipment and machines are kept clean and serviced.

Outdoor Training Area

Get alfresco in the fully undercover outdoor training area! This is where our Mas fitness classes take place. The fully equipped outdoor training area, features boxing bags, tyres, battle ropes, medicine balls, TRX Suspension ropes and many more. A uniquely diverse area that can be used for hundreds of different exercises. All you have to do is pick your favourite!
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My Zone Facility

You deserve to know your true workout effort. MyZone is a fully installed state of the art heart rate monitor with on screen visuals inside and outside the gym. It can be used during an intense fitness class or during your gym session or PT’s within Mas Body Gym.
MyZone monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Official Mas Body Development™ Store

Mas Body Gym has been built by the Founders of Mas Body Development™ we have the official clothing and supplement store onsite, where you can get your hands on the latest ranges of clothing with the best deals. Pick up all your supplements and get the best nutrition and training advice from Mike and his team.
boxing ringsite

Outdoor Boxing Ring and Boxing Area

This area is the newest addition to Mas Body Gym, We now have a fully functioning boxing ring and a wide range of boxing bags including heavy and uppercut bags to help improve your punching power and fitness. Our two professional boxers Kalam and IBF Inter-Continental Champion Josh Leather use this area regularly for 1-1 boxing sessions which can be purchased via the gym.
Why not try out the boxerfit class?

Lockers and Changing Room

Our changing facilities here at Mas have everything you need, we have a changing room on the first floor with lockers available to keep your kit bags and clothes in. We also have a bathroom with toilet and shower facilities. Don’t worry if you forget your towel as we sell these in the shop!

1-1 Boxing With Louis Jinks

Our personal trainer and fitness instructor Louis is a qualified Ricky Hatton Boxing Coach! Louis runs the BoxerFit classes here at Mas and he also offers 1-1 sessions. Learning the fundamentals of boxing and using boxing combos while teaching you the correct techniques and movements, Louis will push you to your limits in a session like you’ve never experienced before!


Located on the first floor in the gym we have a state of the art stand up tanning bed, a great way to top that tan up before or after a workout. We have an offer on where you can get unlimited minutes for the month for just £20, so come and take advantage of the unlimited offer and take a holiday at MAS!

Mike Hind Fitness App

We have just introduced a new revolutionary app which takes training to a whole new level! With monthly tailored training plans and diet plans, personal training sessions and check ins with your coach you really can achieve that fitness goal. There are 3 different packages available: Platinum, Gold and Silver, each one is different and depends on your goals! We have had amazing results from people using the app. For more information get in touch!

Onsite Sports Therapist

Sports Massage Therapy is beneficial to everyone, occupational, emotional and postural stress may produce similar characteristics to sporting injuries. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training or for rehabilitation. Here at Mas we have our own sports therapist on hand to help. Give us a call to book in!

Award Winning Personal Trainer

We are proud to say we have The Best Personal Trainer in the UK right here at Mas! Mike Hind, our head PT has been awarded ‘Best Personal Trainer in the UK’ at the National Fitness Awards 2017. Mike offers 1-1 personal training sessions in the gym and tailored diet plans, so now you can really be trained by the very best!

Macro Based Diner

The Macro Based Diner is Teesside’s next big thing! We offer tasty, healthy meals that are weighed out to the specific needs of the individual. There are 4 plans to choose from: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Standard and Bespoke. The macros for each meal have been worked out by our head PT and Sports Nutritionist Mike, therefore we can tailor them to people’s exact needs in order to help them reach their fitness goals. Come dine with us!

Mas Boxing Academy

The Mas Boxing Academy is in association with Hatton Fight Camp. This course will take participants through a high-intensity fitness programme where the aim is to ensure that even boxing beginners will become confident combination-throwers. The sessions will challenge you mentally and physically and you will see your fitness and skill level increase over the weeks!