The Macro Based Diner has officially opened its doors to the public in Teesside to help promote healthy eating and provide fully tailored meals ready to take away or eat in. Every meal can be tailored to your dietary needs and requirements. The Diner offers various meal packages containing different amounts of calories, so the meals can be tailored to your goals depending on whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or even a standard option for those who are looking to maintain.

It all started when the UK’s Number 1 Personal Trainer Mike Hind Teamed up with Premier Nutrition. Premier Nutrition supply our freshly prepared food and veg on a regular basis. The Diner was opened after noticing how convenience and taste was key to helping clients reach their goals without the boring ”prep” and limited food options. We don’t ship nationwide, however Premier Nutrition do, so if you would like to place an order direct with them Click Here to do so.




You can choose from a wide range of options including: Garlic Chicken, Chinese Chicken, Smokey BBQ Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Chicken Balti, Steak Sweet Chilli, Steak Meatballs and many more.. Plus your carb options to go alongside such as: White Rice, Wholemeal Pasta, Sweet Potato and Boiled potatoes and all served with mixed vegetables.


The menu changes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that you can enjoy all the flavors.

Friday and Saturday are for PROTEIN PIZZA…


Mike has created a LOW CALORIE, PROTEIN PIZZA, which only contains 300 calories! You can choose from Margarita or Chicken and these can be eaten in or made into packs so you can make them at home!

Come and check us out!

To see a full price list visit the Macro Based Diner Facebook Page