Mike Hind Fitness June 4 Week To Fit Challenge

My work here is done…. 4 weeks ago I took a group of men and women on a 4 week to fit program, it’s not normally something I offer but Jenny told me I needed to pull my finger out and show the world how good we are… So I charged each person £100 for a 4 week program that included the following…

  • Fully tailored diet plan (fully tailored means I worked out each and every meal for each individual)
  • 8 group sessions (2 per week)
  • Unlimited access to my gym
  • A full body scan at the start, again at week 2 and again at the end
  • Access to our exclusive closed Facebook group
  • Discount on @macrobaseddiner meals
  • A @mikehindfitness T Shirt

Sunday was our final day, I have scanned the group for the final time and between them they have lost a WHOPPING 14 Stone 3lbs
90.7kg or 199lbs….

I can’t tell you how proud I am of these lot, they’ve grafted, worked as a team, supported and guided each other and I know they will now have the tools to continue this new life without paying huge monthly fees…..
A huge credit goes to the team who work alongside me… Louis Jinks my number 2, who will certainly take over the role of me one day and played a huge part in this 4 week camp. Jenny Hind, Ashleigh Jackson, Emily Scott, Liam Pearce and Megan Leach who have all worked so hard and kept the team motivated and their meals on point… Finally a special thanks to my client, brother, and friend Dibsy McClintock who was at every single session encouraging and helping them. He is living proof that my methods work so having him there was a huge favour.