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Were you a member of KOFIT Guisborough??

We are all so sorry to hear what has happened to your second home... The team here at Mas Body Gym would like to offer every member affected by the KOFIT Guisborogh closure a 1 month complimentary gym and class pass. There's no commitment to join after the free period and in addition we are offering all KOFIT staff the option to come and train their clients from our facilities completely free of charge.

We believe that the most important aspect here is to ensure the mental and physical health of both the members and staff is at the forefront and we hope we can help ease the pressure.

What's going to happen to the old KOFIT building?...
Stay tuned...

Get 1 month free gym membership
Including all fitness classes and with no obligation to join up after your free period! Enter Code "KOFIT"
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