Mas Body Gym Myzone Challenge June 2022

Mas Body Gym Myzone Challenge June 2022

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Need some motivation? A goal? Accountability? 

We are running a challenge throughout June to motivate and inspire you all..

Here is the deal... 
Its a 4 week challenge...
Beginning of week 1 you get a scan on the body scanner, where we will give you a full analysis of your body including every single measurement as well as a in-depth look at your body fat %, muscle mass and BMR.

You will then get a plan to follow and will be invited to take part in our daily fitness classes.

At the end you will again get a second scan to see the difference and measure your improvements. The winner will be decided in a fair measurable way…

Basically we will add up your MEPS (only MEPS from blue/green/yellow/red will count) and then multiply that number by the total number of lbs lost (numbers taken from the scanner) the winner will be the person who has the highest number… 

e.g Barbara loses 3.2lbs over the 4 weeks, she gets 2300 MEPS so we do 

3.2 x 2300 = 7,360 

Sandra gains 1.4lbs over the 4 weeks, but she manages to get 8000 MEPS over the month… Because she’s gained she only gets the MEPS… so her score is 8000. Sandra would therefore win and get the £300 cash… ultimately the winner will be the person who wants it the most.

This challenge will cost £180 and you will get a brand new Myzone belt as well as full access to Mas Body Gym and unlimited classes for the month...

The overall winner will get £300 in cash!!!