YOUR 2019 British Champion.. Ashleigh Jackson

She Done it… British Champion

Finally we can add British Finals to our list of accomplishments. Each year Ashleigh has made improvements and today she is the British Bikini Champion 2019 ? 4 years ago the British Finals was the first competition I saw Ash compete in. She never placed that day meaning she didn’t make top 10, but I knew she had the potential. I offered to coach her and from that day she has made small improvements to finally being crowned the champion… ? let this be a testament to show you that champions aren’t always born… sometimes they are created. She refused to give up and that’s a testament to her character and goes to show that if you have the drive, passion and dedication then you can earn your place at the top…. ? thanks to everyone for the support shown to Ash her family and friends and everyone else who wished her luck