Recurring direct debit membership via GoCardless payment is NOT a contract and you can cancel your membership at any time. This a great way for you to save money on your monthly gym membership. By signing up to the GoCardless payment you are agreeing to make a monthly payment of £29.95 on the same date each month. The payment will be automatically taken from your account so you don’t need to worry that your gym membership is overdue.

If for any reason you choose to cancel your payment you must inform us via phone or email so we can update our records here at MAS HQ. Should your payment fail or is cancelled and you continue to use the gym you will be charged at the daily rate of £5 per day. This will be back dated to the date your payment was cancelled or failed. A member of the team will try contact you on the details you provided when you set up your membership but it is your responsibility to ensure payments are made on time.

IMPORTANT *** You can cancel your membership by stopping the direct debit via your online banking or by visiting a bank. You MUST make sure it is cancelled properly as we are not held responsible for any payments that come out after you think you have cancelled. We cannot cancel any memberships from our side, you are responsible for cancelling your own membership.

We want your fitness experience to be both rewarding and beneficial and we aim to make this as cheap as possible.